Alten Skies Project

Opus 2:  A Musical Celebration of Mathias Alten

Alten Afternoon: A Musical Celebration of Mathias Alten
Date: Saturday, July 29, 2017 4:00 PM 
Price: FREE 
Location: DeVos Center » 105E- Hager-Lubbers Exhibition Hall, Grand Rapids, MI

Ric Troll and Ensemble will present the second performance of Alten Skies, a song cyle inspired by the art, and specifically the skies painted by Mathias Alten.

The performance will feature Patrick Foley (Violin), David DeVos (Bass), Dave Martin (Vibraphone), and Ric Troll (Guitar).
Alten Skies was first performed at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (U.I.C.A.) in April, 2005, in Grand Rapids.

The performance on July 29th will feature additions to the song cycle and will be performed in the gallery featuring Alten's work.

The program will include musicians Yuri Vasilaki, Linda Boozer-Vasilaki (great granddaughter of Mathias Alten), Patrick Foley, Dale Schriemer in addtion to the performance of Alten Skies.

Contact:  To RSVP by phone or arrange for accommodations please call (616) 331-2563.  Art Gallery programs are open to the public with free admission.